Unfortunate Affair

hello, allowed me to introduce myself, i am the King of Hearts and this is my story.

i suppose it begins with that pesky yet enlightening alice girl. a while after her disappearance from our land there was a time of unease that spread throughout the land. the Queen of Heart had been denied something she wanted.. the death of that alice girl.. she had never been denied anything in her life so her following furry was....-shudders slightly- unorthodox. now i enter the story. back then i was her puppet. a show dog she would play around with. i was a babbling fool with no spin! now mark me.. what im about to tell you is one of the darkest secrets the Queen has.. "her highness" dabbled in magic of the dark sort. early on she had set a spell on me.. to bind me to that pint sized shadow of my true self. as soon as i found out i started a plot with the villagers.. a plot to over throw the Red Queen. only something went wrong... she has spies everywhere.. i was taken in and was locked in jail... my head would roll the next day had it not been for a rather peculiar cat that appeared in my cell offering a deal. he would free me in return i would not rest till the Queen was out of Wonderland for good. needless to say i made the deal. he created a copy or a shadow of my image and it took my place the next day. and it was then.. that i realized the spell the Red Queen had put on me had broken. i had become my true self again, taken my true form. now im on my mission. to rid the land of the Red Queens tyranny! i started a resistance, the first step to a free Wonderland has been made. let the games begin.




let me make one thing perfectly clear.

the cross on my wrist isnt me trying to draw attention to the fact that im christian

its not an accuse to get a tattoo

its not me trying to show im better then others

its a sign that i believe in something bigger then my self. i wasn’t forced to. no one…

"Struck out with the witch.. perhaps there are more powerful allies to be made"

Shuffles around in a foul mood

how do you break things off with a rp partner thats never on?

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a steampunk virson of the King of Hearts.

artist… me

Hael goes to his tent and just lays on his bed with nothing to do. Most his life he has been on the run. Now that he is safe… he is lonely and almost missing the excitement of the chase.. the company for his friends.